A 501(c)3 supporting the most successful reforestation project in Haiti

Immediate Need for Seed

What is needed to restore core food agriculture for 1500+ lives?

Tilled Land Ready to Plant

Tilled Land Ready to Plant

Hurricane Matthew eliminated a majority of the seed supply so while farmers have prepared and tilled their land, they need seed.

Agriculture Food Crops

Agriculture Food Crops

In April and May, vegetation is usually lush with Peas, Congo Beans and Corn.

Hurricane Matthew has greatly damaged food supply by eliminating a majority of the seeds that provide core food sources such as Corn, Congo Beans, and Peas.  Without seeds over 1500+ people in the CODEP community and countless others in surrounding communities will suffer from starvation.

Haiti Reforestation Partnership

We plant trees and good things happen

We are the organization that supports the most successful reforestation project in Haiti, CODEP, which has had an amazing impact.

Create Sources of Food

Haitian farmer with his avocado tree, a sustainable source of food for his family

Build Strong Communities

Haitian community working together in a tree pepinye (nursery)

Minimize Natural Disaster Impact

Dense trees and vegetation in the demonstration forest

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